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About Rock River Lumber & Grain

Rock River Lumber and Grain was incorporated on June 25, 1931.  At the time of incorporation, the company included Rock River Lumber & Grain at Prophetstown, Yorktown Lumber & Grain and Lyndon Lumber & Grain
The company showed steady growth over the next several years with the purchases of the Lyndon Feed Mill in 1935, the Erie Lumber & Grain and the Prophetstown Feed Mill in 1944.  The 1930’s and 1940’s were formative years of the company with much of its efforts directed toward obtaining merchandise, coal in particular, to sell.  This was especially difficult during the war years.  Most products were brought in and grain was shipped out by rail car.
During the 1950’s the company started to expand in the grain storage business with the purchase of Hooppole Lumber & Grain in 1951, the Rock River Fertilizer Company in 1953 and the Manlius Grain & Supply in 1955. In 1953 the company became one of the very first outlets for anhydrous ammonia in Northern Illinois.  By 1958 over 700,000 bushel of Government Grain Storage was in use.
1960 brought the opening of the Prophetstown Feed Mill facility and the Erie Feed & Supply.  New drying facilities and an anhydrous ammonia operation were started in Prophetstown.
In 1967 the Mosher Bin Site, north of Prophetstown along the Rock River was purchased along with 53 government grain bins.  In 1975 and 1976 additional drying and grain storage facilities were added in Hooppole and the Mosher Bin Site was improved.  A large portion of the bin site was destroyed by a tornado on March 29, 1981, but was quickly rebuilt.
In April 1968 Frary and Sons was purchased and the Prophetstown store was enlarged in 1975.  The Sterling lumber yard was opened in 2005 as a show room and hardware store and expanded to a full lumber yard in 2008.  Over the years, the company started both the Brookhaven and Prairie Meadows subdivisions in Prophetstown.
Tampico Farmers Elevator and M&D Ag of Galt were added to the Rock River family in 1997 and 1998.  In 2003 the property that was the old scrap yard and Ryder truck terminal was purchased from Northwestern Steel & Wire and the rail terminal was built in Sterling.  Expansions to the rail terminal occurred in each of the next four years.  The 24 hour diesel fuel station was opened in 2008.  In 2007, The Morrison Farmers Elevator and Supply joined Rock River with its three locations, in downtown Morrison, and fertilizer facilities west of Morrison and north of Sterling.  In 2010 a 1.6 million grain facility was added to the agronomy facility west of Morrison.  In 2012 GFI of Rock Falls added another agronomy plant to the company.
Over the years the company has changed course often to meet the needs of the area.  Buying and selling facilities and changing focus as the local economy changed.  Coal was the leading product in the early years.  In the 1950’s and 60’s the feed business drove the company.  Lumber has been a constant.  At one point the company even owned a saw mill in Idaho.  As corn became king of the Midwest the company shifted its direction to shipping corn to the poultry market which has proven to be a benefit to area corn farmers.  With the additional corn acres, a need for agronomy services grew in the area and the company expanded to fill this need as well.  For over 80 years Rock River Lumber & Grain has been a part of the economic engine of Whiteside County.
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